The Basics

Are you an expert in operating and managing compost facilities? 

Do you want to be recognized for your accomplishments and competencies in the organic recycling industry?

Well, it’s finally time to get the recognition you deserve!

Introducing the new certification programs developed by the U.S. Composting Council® Certification Commission.

The Certified Compost Operations Manager™, or CCOM™, and Certified Composting Professional™ (CCP™) are the first two in a series of compost-manufacturing industry certifications designed to recognize the accomplishments and competencies of composting professionals.

Our goal is to provide a process that will enhance the profession of composting facility management and benefit communities, businesses and environmental outcomes in the process.

But most of all, we want to create the best, Total Candidate Experience possible.

Now, everyone who enters this website, advances and then achieves mastery in the organics recycling industry has a central meeting place throughout their professional life. That place is the Certification Commission and this website is your map, your compass and personal guide in your professional journey—from beginner to master to retired.

This is where the Certification Commission provides the framework and environment for every composting professional to create their own path of success through decades of practice. The framework includes standards, policies, code of ethics, applications, and a certification test.

This exclusive environment includes the information, support, credibility, and community of colleagues, customers, employers, and regulators.

We are here to give you everything you need to achieve CCOM™ or CCP™ Credential and then keep your Certification current.

CCOM™ and CCP™ Brochures

CCOM™ News and Insights

What’s the latest buzz in the composting industry about CCOM™?

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In the field

The mission of the USCC Certification Commission is to develop and administer national, valid, credible, vendor-neutral certification programs for organics recycling professionals which enhance the profession of organics recycling facility management and in turn benefit the community business and environmental outcomes. The initial development of the CCOM™ was by the Composting Council Research and Education Foundation thanks to a grant from the 11th Hour Project.