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Come and join USCC for their 32nd annual conference and tradeshow in Daytona Beach, Florida from February 6th to 9th, 2024. Be recognized for your certification, nominate a fellow composter for an award, meet with peers and experts. Don't miss it!

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Member Insights

What are organic recycling professionals saying about certification? 

“We can see that all of the knowledge areas that are covered in the certification test design are important to creating a holistic compost operation that addresses many elements of business operation.” 

“I’m glad to see that years of running a site counts as part of the qualifications to gain admission to the certification test.” 

“Education is extremely important because this is an ever-changing field.  So glad to see the education requirements to qualify for this certification.” 

“We are diverse and located in remote areas so it’s great to see the certification process is available online.” 

“We believe this certification will help us with development and the progress of composting operations and procedures.” 

“The number one reason for a CCOM to be certified is to obtain the skillset to run an environmentally safe and beneficial compost facility for the local community.” 

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Member Insights

What are organic recycling professionals saying about certification

The mission of the USCC Certification Commission is to develop and administer national, valid, credible, vendor-neutral certification programs for organics recycling professionals which enhance the profession of organics recycling facility management and in turn benefit the community business and environmental outcomes. The initial development of the CCOM™ was by the Composting Council Research and Education Foundation thanks to a grant from the 11th Hour Project.