Continuing Education Opportunities

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2024 NYS Organics Summit, April 16-18, 2024 - More details here! Tracking Form

Vermont Organics Recycling Summit, April 29 - May 3, 2024 - More details here! 

MRC/Michigan Recycling Coalition 42nd Annual Recycling & Organics Conference, April 30 - May 2, 2024 - More details here! 


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NEW!: COMPOST University--the learning center for all things compost! Credits get automatically added to your Journal! 

Mid-Atlantic Composting and Compost Use Webinar Series from Virginia Cooperative Extension and the MD Better Composting School.  On YouTube

Community Composting Webinar Series from Institute for Local Self Reliance.  On YouTube

Washington Organics Webinar Series contact Melissa at to purchase access

PDH Tracking/Submission Forms

You can now earn PDHs for Professional Activities!  Up to 10 of the 30 hours needed for certification renewal can come from participation on Boards, Committees, and the USCC Mentor Program.  For details, click HERE.

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The mission of the USCC Certification Commission is to develop and administer national, valid, credible, vendor-neutral certification programs for organics recycling professionals which enhance the profession of organics recycling facility management and in turn benefit the community business and environmental outcomes. The initial development of the CCOM™ was by the Composting Council Research and Education Foundation thanks to a grant from the 11th Hour Project.