Commissioner Leadership and Authority

The USCC Board of Directors accepted the responsibility for fostering the certification business to operational and sustainability levels once the startup and development work covered by CCREF grant from the 11th Hour Project came to completion.  

Because the certification business was developed in compliance with accreditation standards of the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) for national certification and ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 for international certification, the governance structure formed to align with best practices in hundreds of other national and professional certification organizations.  

The Certification Commission leadership and authority is vested in no fewer than five and no more than seven Commissioners.

The Commissioners acknowledge and agree on the mission, purpose and governance of the Certification Commission. The Commissioners are an independent body and so the integrity and credibility of the Commissioners is maintained and makes the certification program the preferred credentials, throughout the industry, and throughout the country.

Sustainability of leadership and continuity of the certification business model and Commissioner culture is the responsibility of each Commissioner, who continuously watches for the talent, characteristics and attributes of people, active in the organics recycling industry, who will be as good as or better than the Commissioner they will replace. 

The Commission will form policies and principles for attracting, qualifying, interviewing, selecting and mentoring the Commissioner-designate for positions scheduled to reach the end of term in six to eighteen months.

The term for a Commissioner is two years with reappointment up to two times for a total of six years. Four years after an individual has retired from the Commission the Commission may invite that individual to return and accept a new term.

All Commissioners carry equal authority and share equal responsibility for the leadership, management, policies and sustainability of the business and brand of the USCC Certification Commission.

If you have comments or questions for the Certification Commissioners, please write to us here.

The mission of the USCC Certification Commission is to develop and administer national, valid, credible, vendor-neutral certification programs for organics recycling professionals which enhance the profession of organics recycling facility management and in turn benefit the community business and environmental outcomes. The initial development of the CCOM™ was by the Composting Council Research and Education Foundation thanks to a grant from the 11th Hour Project.