The CCOM™ and CCP™ Test

The computer-based test includes 75 multiple-choice questions over a 105-minute total period including login, tutorials, and test completion steps. It is presented in more than one form. (The composter next you maybe taking a different version of the test!)

The 9 Knowledge Domains Covered on the Test

  1. Business Acumen: marketing, sales and customer relations
  2. Composting Purpose and Vision: understanding of the compost role in sustainability
  3. Composting Science: the role of chemistry and biology in composting
  4. Equipment and Services Management: use and maintenance
  5. Feedstock Management: blends, recipes and geography
  6. Health and Safety: controlling disease, fire and protective equipment
  7. Process Control and Quality Assurance: field testing, sampling and lab analysis
  8. Regulatory Compliance: local, state and federal regulations and standards
  9. Site Management: layout needs, controlling tonnage and volume, odor management

Based on extensive research by the Composting Council Research and Education Foundation (CCREF), these standards are essential for the competent, Compost Operations Manager (COM) and Compost Professional (CP). And each domain has equal weighting and equal importance in the certification test. 

For more information, see the certification handbook.

Certification Commission Fees

  USCC Member Non-USCC Member
Application fee  $79 $99
Certification test fee $349 $449
Retesting fee   $79 $99
Practice test  $25 $45

The mission of the USCC Certification Commission is to develop and administer national, valid, credible, vendor-neutral certification programs for organics recycling professionals which enhance the profession of organics recycling facility management and in turn benefit the community business and environmental outcomes. The initial development of the CCOM™ was by the Composting Council Research and Education Foundation thanks to a grant from the 11th Hour Project.