WeCare Denali

WeCare Denali is one of the most experienced organic residuals management companies in the United States with 20+ years operating in the organic waste industry.

These are the core values of this company that align with the professionalism, integrity and credibility values of the Certified Compost Operations Manager™ credential:  Denali's vision is to offer innovative and economical solutions for the management, handling, disposal, and conversion of many types of organic waste materials to protect our environment.  Denali is a company that cherishes our customers and feels that our employees are the distinguishing factor that makes us the obvious choice in residuals management. Training ("investing") in our employees is a top priority for WeCare Denali.

Our reasons for becoming a Certification Hero relate to both our compost operations managers and in demonstrating our commitment to composting.  We have many compost operations managers around the country and want them trained and certified.

As a premier recycler of organic residuals throughout the US, Denali Water Solutions proudly manufactures a line of products including compost, soil amendments, and custom engineered soils.  Our widely recognized WeCare brand products are sold within the public and private sectors.  Our company and products are known for quality and workmanship throughout the landscape, construction, and agricultural industries. 

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Brian Fleury

Senior Vice President